Matt’s Music Update #2: Vanishing Point, Volume 2

So in my spare time, I work in my home studio.

Over last summer, I wrote a series of songs about life/death that I’ve called Vanishing Point, Vol. 1. Those songs are some of my favorite jams of all time … You can find out about that album (available for FREE) at my previous blog post.

Obviously, that means that there’s a Vanishing Point, Vol. 2.

So I wrote another group of songs last summer that don’t really fit into the life / death theme. These songs were more about the illusiveness of time. My world was shook a few ago when one of my students was killed by a drunk driver. Quickly thereafter, another one of my students unexpectedly died of a strange illness. I came to understand what James 4 meant about life being a mist: We might leave this world at any moment.

As a young Chuck Taylor wearing ’80s kid, you think you’ve got more than enough time to change the world (and ego to match). Almost instantaneously, 30 years pass. Kids are born. Relationships are forged and broken. Young people in their prime strangely die. Scenery changes for better and worse. Money comes and (mostly) goes. You begin to wonder why the kids you knew in high school looked so old on Facebook. Bodies break down. Joints start to creak. Full swing sets eventually stand empty and motionless. The person in the high school snapshot with the Chuck Taylors becomes unrecognizable.

And you realize “younger you” was so wrong. The barrels of time you once gripped vanishes into moments that feel like sand slipping through our fingers. We’re rapidly hurtling on rollercoaster towards the day when Christ returns. This life is an illusion and His kingdom is the new reality. We begin wearing the future-tense lenses of Scripture that change our present reality.

As I careen quickly to my grave, I have great hope and joy in knowing we’re one day closer to Christ’s final victory. No more sin. No more death. No more tears. Eternal rejoicing. Forever worship. I have so much hope in the future … Because the future is not about me at all. It’s about Christ.

So here’s some insight into the 2nd nine songs composing Volume 2 of Vanishing Point:

  • “And All That Was Will Be Overcome”: The closest I’ve come to a worship song in recent memory. One day, the groaning and constant struggle of this world will cease. Our shack on earth will be torn down and we will be given a permanent home. Christ will overcome all that was. Hallelujah, that day is coming soon.
  • “1988”: The year I was saved. It’s no longer I who lives but Christ in me (Galatians 2:20).
  • “Low”: I’ve written on my blog before about my struggle with depression. This song is my reminder about what God says on the days I feel low.
  • “You & Me (A Song For G)”: A song for my daughter about the rough days and the hope that can only be found in Christ.
  • “Storm Clouds On A Windy Day”: Our lives are like a mist. Suddenly here and quickly gone. We dissipate at unforeseen hours (James 4:13-17). This song is about my students who’ve died suddenly and left loved ones behind. Let us remember to love the Lord with the time we have.
  • “Who I Am In Christ”: Anchored. Loved. Safe and sound. Adopted. Redeemed. Found in Christ. That’s who I am. And a few bad days will never change my identity.
  • “Burn The Porch Down”: I don’t recommend literally burning your porch down. But I do recommend letting go of the temptation of getting stuck in the past. Move on.
  • “Reconstruction”: All of the Christian life is repentance. It’s past time to stop burning bridges and to start building for His kingdom.
  • “Phantom Time”: When we realize this life is the illusion and His kingdom is the genuine reality, everything changes.

Again, you can download Volume 2 of Vanishing Point for FREE here: VANISHING POINT VOLUME 2. And you can still download Volume 1 too here: VANISHING POINT VOLUME 1.

Enjoy the tunes because I’m going to keep making them.